Have you ever been asked to speak in public? Were you nervous or lacking in confidence? Were you asked again?



Welcome to Thanet Speakers Club Home Page.

We are part of the Association of Speakers Clubs, a national organisation of over one hundred clubs. We have a clear objective: to practice and improve our public speaking. There are two areas that need to be considered, confidence and quality.

Somebody who is very confident may not be a good speaker! You see, they may not know how to make their speech interesting for the audience. Also, a speaker who has constructed a brilliant speech but is shy about presenting it will not be able to get the message across easily. We use speech practice and evaluation to improve public speaking skills at our meetings. This works well for us, and you will be able to see this method and some results for yourself if you attend one of our meetings.

We have a New Member Co-Ordinator who will tell you a little about what to expect before the start of the meeting, and answer any questions that you may have. To contact the club you can use the e-mail link on this page or telephone Thanet (01843) 570686.

At your first meeting you will be given the chance to make a short impromptu speech if you wish. The topics chairman will ask if you would like to take part in this impromptu session. There is no obligation to do so, but we hope that you will decide to give it a try. Remember, we have all been in the same situation as you (attending your first meeting and/or speaking for the first time), some of us quite recently!

As our guest you will be able to attend up to three meetings free of any charge so that you can see what Thanet Speakers Club is all about. We meet twice a month in Ramsgate on Thursday evenings.

The view from the Royal Temple Yacht Club where Thanet Speakers Club meetings are held.

Thanet Speakers Club

You have taken the first step towards being a great speaker by reading this web page. Why not contact the club now and arrange to visit one of our meetings?